Egypt and Ancient Civilisations

Come and explore!!

Sassi Travel, Learn and Explore - Book and 3D Puzzle Set - World of Ancient Civilisations, 200 pcs

Great civilisations have developed over centuries to make history: warriors, armies and all sorts of..

Sassi The Ultimate Atlas and Puzzle Set - Inventions, 500 pcs

The most beautiful and complete invention box ever published for children aged 6-9 years old. Discov..

Sassi What How and Why Inventions Book and Poster

Many different inventions have changed human history. Who invented the wheel? When was soap first us..

Sassi Puzzle and Book Set - Art Treasures - The Mask of Tutankhamun in Egypt

The Egyptian civilisation is one of the most significant of all time, and its artistic expressions h..

Sassi Travel, Learn and Explore - Puzzle and Book Set - Ancient Egypt , 205 pcs

Take a fascinating trip down the Nile to discover all the secrets of ancient Egypt! Look how tal..

Sassi Books - Above and Below - Ancient Civilisations

Ancient civilisations are cloaked in an aura of mystery and intrigue and traces we find of their exi..

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