Shipment Schedule

Please find shipment ETA below – these ETAs are updated weekly AND BASED ON THE CURRENT COVID19 restrictions in manufacturing countries we can’t guarantee these ETAs until the containers have shipped:

in-wood – now from 21/3 onwards as live production and wood supply availability

Sassi Travel Learn & Explore – 3/4 and July

Miniland - 30/3 and 24/5 confirmed and 30/6, 30/7 and 30/8 and 15/10

Plasto – July

Eguchi – July

Kruselings – July

Astrup, Micki, Sassi Books, Hess and Loch Ness Toys – July/August

Yogi Fun and Maud n Lil – July/August


Indents for 2020 are now open – Indents are based on 20% discount for 30% deposit proforma and balance proforma prior to delivery.

Carton quantities only. Minimum order is $1000 net. Note: Indent order cancellation means loss of deposit or receipt of product to value of deposit.

Note: Deposits are required prior to shipment pack up.

There are no products to list in this category.

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