Shipment Schedule and MyAccount Portal

Please find shipment ETA below and MYAccount Portal Access below:


These ETAs are updated at least weekly based on supplier and manufacturer updates – delays are based on CURRENT COVID19 restrictions in manufacturing countries and here and shipping traffic jams with ports congested and sailings cancelled or limited due to strike action delays here minimising route traffic.


We can’t guarantee these ETAs until the containers have shipped from their final port. We must also consider weekly updates here in Australia too based on the major port strike action and shipping congestion thus caused. Latest news 9.10.20:


The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) have agreed to SUSPEND all Industrial Actions at PATRICK terminal until the 26th October. This has been agreed on the basis that the Protected Industrial Action (PIA’s) are causing too much economic harm to the Australian economy. No agreement has been made between PATRICK and the MUA regarding the worker’s Enterprise Agreement (EA). This does open potential for further PIA’s post 26th October. It is expected, if no further PIA occurs at Patricks, that it would take up to two months to clear the current backlog of around one hundred thousand containers around Australia.


Latest Updates:
Brand ETA Notes Indent Deadline
Kikadu 21/10 unpacking 27/10  
Sassi 24/10 Delayed x 3  
Miniland 29/10 delayed (formerly 9/9) closed
Micki 3/11 Scheduled closed
Skrallan 3/11 Scheduled closed
Astrup 3/11 Scheduled closed
Kruselings, Astrup and Yogi Fun 3/11 Scheduled  
Miniland 22/11 Scheduled (formerly 30/10)  
Miniland 10/12 Scheduled (departs Spain 29/10)  
Miniland 7/2 Exact date TBC  

Axis Toys new system MYAccount is now live and this allows you to see all your outstanding orders.

Please go to

  1. Put in your email address at the top.
  2. Press reset password. You will be sent a new password by email.
  3. Put the new password in the “password” box.
  4. It will then take you into the dashboard, where you will see your current and past orders.
  5. You can’t edit previous orders but you can add a new order this way rather than online if you prefer.

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