POS Experiences

We are happy to help with your point of sale in-store and window displays – below you can check out a couple of in-store evets that we have developed:



*TicToys - MyFibo - My First Boomerang POS Display, 20 pcs

myFibo is a fun and easy way for kids (and grown-ups!) to learn to throw a boomerang. You can also c..

*TicToys - MyRoodi - My Room Disc POS Display, 20 pcs

Paint and Play – that combines the set of three throwing discs of TicToys. The game of skill is espe..

Kikadu Counter Display Stand - FREE with orders of $800 +

This kikadu wooden tabletop display stand, featuring double sided display and flexible configuration..

Kruselings - In-Store Experience Kit - Make a Booking

The Kruseling Experience includes: One pop-up wall – one side has branding and features th..

Miniland - In-Store Experience Kit - Make a Booking

The Miniland Experience includes: One 6 metre pop-up wall – both sides have branding t..

Miniland Beach Signage

Miniland Beach Signage

Product code: BEACH

Available with the Miniland BEACH RANGE Free with purchase of $300 net.   ..

Sassi POS Display - FREE with orders of $600 or over

Image is indicative of what can be displayed on the stand and it can take between 32-36 pieces. O..

Sassi Reading Corner

Sassi Reading Corner

Product code: SAS026

Looking to create a reading nook and a great way to display your Sassi book range then this is a gre..

Steiff Gift Box - suitable for 30-35 cm


Yogi FUN 4s in POS of 9 pieces

Yogi FUN 4s in POS of 9 pieces

Product code: YF009

Based on “happy families” / “go fish”, you collect 4 cards of the same “family” - this time the fami..

Yogi FUN POS Display FREE

Yogi FUN POS Display FREE

Product code: YF100

This great shelf or counter display is a great way to “tease” the mix of the range. The design ha..

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