The philosophy behind the designs is all about going In-wood .…

This range has been created with a mindful approach to play and connecting into our intention and our wellbeing. Whether appealing to the child’s focus or their emotional state and communicative understanding.

The creators wanted to provide a medium that no matter the age of the child (or adult!) there is room for self-expression.

The range is designed and made in Australia using Australian sustainable hardwood that has been aged for over two years. Each piece is finished with mineral oils or in natural pigment dyes (that are plant based and food grade) that reflect our Australian palette.

All packaging used has also been approached in a mindful manner with re-use recycle materials towards a cleaner environment step by step. Every decision made in the making of these products comes from the heart and to tread safely on this planet.

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In-wood - Square Affirmation Rainbow - AVAIL 18/6

This beautiful wooden rainbow is perfect for endless creative play. Designed to encourage imagina..

in-wood Chakra Rainbow Pyramid

in-wood Chakra Rainbow Pyramid

Product code: IW006

The colours represent the chakra energy system in the body. In this way children can understand thei..

in-wood I am Mandala Puzzle, 16 pcs - AVAIL 18/5

This is a puzzle that charts a child’s emotions. No puzzle will end up the same as it is a reflectio..

in-wood Mindful Spindle

in-wood Mindful Spindle

Product code: IW008

This little piece is perfect for little hands to develop dexterity and watch things move and roll ar..

in-wood Natural Pyramid

in-wood Natural Pyramid

Product code: IW005

This beautiful pyramid shaped stacker in blackbutt showcases Australian timber at its best. Super..

in-wood Oz Koala Teether - AVAIL 26/6

This cute toy is made of Australian Stringy Bark hardwood and coated with food-safe grade mineral oi..

in-wood Separation Anxiety Soothing Heart

Perfect for Separation Anxiety. The heart’s purpose is to support, connect and strengthen love. For ..

in-wood Stacking Stones, 10 pcs - NEW LOOK

Promoting focus and balance. Since time immemorial man has liked to balance stones and learn the law..

in-wood Stacking Stones, 5 pcs - AVAIL 18/6

Promoting focus and balance. Since time immemorial man has liked to balance stones and learn the law..

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