Loch Ness Toys

Loch Ness Toys has been founded from the inspiration of the creator’s childhood memories, a time when one favourite toy was enough to free the imagination with endless possibilities. Designed in Scotland since 2013, the range has now moved back to the creators homeland of Poland.

Each product is made from FSC® Certified beech wood that has been hand sanded so that it’s smooth to the touch.

The paints used are certified for toys and the cord is sourced from natural fibres and then packed in a recyclable cardboard box.

Please note: Wood has different hues so the shades may differ from shown. Each toy is unique with beautiful individual colours and differing wood grains.

Product eco, free of any harmful substances


CE marked and currently being tested to Australian standards.

Loch Ness Toys - Ambulance - AVAIL 26/9

Make way!! A beautiful wooden toy Ambulance has a stylish and minimalistic design. Is ideal for t..

Loch Ness Toys - Barney the Hound - AVAIL 26/9

The wooden pull-along dog Barney is a loyal friend when a child starts to walk. He follows your litt..

Loch Ness Toys - Bear Teether - AVAIL 26/9

Perfect for little hands to grip. And lots of textures for tactile play. Age: 3 months +   ..

Loch Ness Toys - Big Rainbow - AVAIL 26/9 ONLY 13 LEFT FROM THIS SHIPMENT!

This large beautiful wooden rainbow is perfect for endless creative play. Designed to encourage i..

Loch Ness Toys - Bridget the Goose Push-Along - AVAIL 26/9

This cute goose push-along is a loyal friend when the child starts to walk encouraging them to walk ..

Loch Ness Toys - Buddy the Dog - AVAIL 26/9

My name is Buddy and I love to go on adventures! The wooden pull-along dog Buddy is a loyal frien..

Loch Ness Toys - Cloud Peg Sorter - AVAIL 26/9

A classic wooden toy, the peg sorter is perfect for little hands to encourage hand-eye coordination ..

Loch Ness Toys - Gabby the Sheep - AVAIL 26/9

Gabby is our first lacing toy. She is a perfect toy to help the little ones develop their tactile s..

Loch Ness Toys - Little Car - AVAIL 26/9

Something for petrolheads!:) Our small wooden car has a stylish and minimalistic design. Perfect fo..

Loch Ness Toys - Timothy the Elephant - AVAIL 26/9

My name is Timothy. This classic wooden elephant – which is one of the founding toys of the Loch Nes..

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