Point of Sale

Thanks for supporting our ranges and wanting to show them off to their best effect.

Here are some ideas that you may want to use for the brands you carry:


In addition, we are happy to help with your point of sale in-store and window displays – below you can check out a couple of in-store events too that we have developed:



Miniland Dolls Rainbow Cushion FREE WITH MINILAND DOLL ORDER OF $300 NET

Order $1000 worth of Miniland Dolls and get a display cushion for FREE for in-store display or promo..

*Plasto Bulk Bucket and Truck Sets in POS Display, 20 pcs  - 10% OFF

This uber sized bin takes 20 sets of Plasto1495ECO   FREE display when you order 20 sets!   Each..

*Plasto Bulk Bucket Sets in POS Display, 48 pcs  - 10% OFF

This uber sized bin takes 48 sets of Plasto1494ECO   Free display available when you order 48 sets..

Steiff Gift Box - suitable for 30-35 cm ON REQUEST
Yogi FUN POS Display FREE with $200 order

FREE with orders of over $200*, this shelf or counter display is a great way to “tease” the mix of t..

Sassi 3D Assemble and Book - POS EMPTY Display FREE when you purchase  32 pcs x 3D Dinosaur Range

This great POS for the 3D Dinosaur series comes empty and can display all 4 titles from the Age..

Kikadu Counter Display Stand - FREE with orders of $1600 +

This kikadu wooden tabletop display stand, featuring double sided display and flexible configuration..

Kruseling Shelf Talker, 100 cm

Kruseling Shelf Talker, 100 cm

Product code: KKSHELF

Branding for your shelves is available with this sweet shelf talker depicting the Kruseling team in ..

Miniland Shelf Talker, 50 cm

Miniland Shelf Talker, 50 cm

Product code: MNLSHELF

Branding for your shelves is available with this simple red shelf strip with white miniland logo bra..

Yogi FUN Mini Memo Balancing, Sitting and Twisting Games in POS Display, 9 pcs

These mini games focus on three aspects of yoga: twisting, balancing and sitting poses. The differ..

Kruselings - In-Store Experience Kit - Make a Booking

The Kruseling Experience includes: One pop-up wall – one side has branding and features the cha..

Sassi Books - Die-Cut POS Display - FREE with orders of 40 Fairy Tale books or over

This striking stand takes 20 die-cut books and is yours FREE with orders of 40 die-cut books or more..

Sassi POS Display - FREE with orders of $600 or over

Image is indicative of what can be displayed on the stand and it can take between 32-36 pieces. ONL..

Miniland On The Go Magnetics Counter Top

This collection comprises 6 crazy magnetic STEM games. These are games of association with a large d..

Kruselings Books - Bookmarks

Kruselings Books - Bookmarks

Product code: KK0196319

Mark your favourite books with your favourite Kruseling characters.   ..

Kruselings - Sticker Sheet

Kruselings - Sticker Sheet

Product code: KK0196328

Stick your new heroes in all your favourite places! Probably not your parents' favourite places thou..

Kruselings - Shopping Bag

Kruselings - Shopping Bag

Product code: KK0196314

Package the gorgeous Kruselings in this Kruseling branded carry bag. ..

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