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Sassi Save the Planet - The Amazon, 220 pcs

Threatened by fire and deforestation, the Amazon – the Earth’s “lungs” – may disappear completel..

Sassi Save the Planet - The Coral Reef, 220 pcs

Coral reefs are fascinating and stunning ecosystems found in clean, clear and well-lit waters at..

Sassi Save the Planet - The Jungle, 220 pcs

Jungles are complex ecosystems teeming with life, but they are also fragile and under threat. Learn ..

Sassi Save the Planet - The Poles, 220 pcs - AVAIL 22/6

The North Pole and the South Pole have long been covered in perennial ice and snow. But climate chan..

Sassi The Ultimate Atlas and Puzzle Set - Space, 500 pcs - AVAIL 22/6

The most beautiful and complete book about Space ever published for children aged 6 to 9. Learn ..

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