string(4) "SOH:" Fabelab - Fab Friends Doll - Sol, 40 cm

Fabelab - Fab Friends Doll - Sol, 40 cm

  • Brand: Fabelab
  • Product Code: 2006238462
  • SOH: 38

Tags: Fabelab - Fab Friends Doll - Sol, 40 cm

Please welcome Sol - one of the newest members of Fabelab’s Fab Friends!

Fabelab’s Fab Friend Sol, is a playful Fab Friend to create wonderful experiences with wherever you go. She has cute details like a sun on her chest, curly hair, a playful jumpsuit, and cute yellow sandals.

Her perfect huggable size makes her likely to become best friends with your little one. Fabelab supports Plan international’s project “Early Childhood”. The project supports vulnerable children - girls in particular - to grow up equally valued, cared for, and free from discrimination.

When buying Fab Friend, Sol, we give 10% of the earnings to this project. Because we believe that every child should have the right and opportunity to play. Playing in early childhood is important for every little child. It is in the first five years that the fundamentals of a good and healthy life start. To live a good life and develop life skills, the children need proper food, safe surroundings, and stimulation to learn and explore their surroundings.

As a part of the collaboration with Plan International, Fabelab has designed a range of playful items and by buying these you help to donate to the project.

The Plan Product range includes a wide range of different games like a memory game, puzzle, a dress-up game and colour pencils, a colour book, and Fab Friend Sol.


Material:100 % Organic Cotton | Filling 100% Corn Fiber

Wash Code: W4

Carton Size for 5% Discount 4
Size 40 cm

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