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Sassi Atlas of Biodiversity - Curious and Unusual Animals

Tags: Sassi Atlas of Biodiversity book - Curious and Unusual Animals SAS181

Our Planet is like a puzzle. It needs different places to work best.

Each species, even the smallest, the strangest, the one that scares us the most and the one that makes us feel loved is essential to form a complete picture of the Earth!

In this 64 page book, we will meet special animals from all the continents, and each will tell us something about themselves. You will discover how all fit perfectly with their surroundings, just like in a perfect puzzle, toe be carefully protected. 

FSC Certified

Age: 6+

Carton Size for 5% Discount 30
Age Group 6+
Size 64 pages
Unit Product Size 24 x 32 x 2 cm

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