Micki Senses - Wooden Pounding Bench

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Micki’s wooden pounding bench comes with pink details made of soft linen and PVC-free plastic!

This pounding bench is a classic wooden toy that’s fun and helps your child with her coordination and motor skills. 

It comes in the shape of a cute little pig!

The playful colours and blend of different materials make this toy soft and allow your child to use more of her senses when she plays.

And what does the pig’s soft, curly tail feel like when you grab hold of it?

And what do the pegs sound like when you hammer them in?

The legs of this hammer bench are made of soft plastic, which reduces noise while ensuring that the bench remains stable and doesn’t leave marks on the floor when its used.

The head of the hammer is also made of soft plastic to reduce noise and prevent marks.

All plastics are phthalate- and PVC-free.

Age: 12 months +

Carton Size for 5% Discount 6
Age Group 12 months +
Unit Product Size 23 x 10 x 10 cm

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