• Miniland - In-Store Experience Kit - Make a Booking

Miniland - In-Store Experience Kit - Make a Booking

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Tags: Miniland - In-Store Experience Kit - Make a Booking

The Miniland Experience includes:

  1. One 6 metre pop-up wall – both sides have branding to feature the Miniland generic products, experience and Multiplay concept.
  2. A selection of Miniland games for the kids to play with – 2 to 4 sets – Marbulous, Nuts and Bolts, Mosaics, Mosaic Art, Maths Rings, Maths Turtles, Threading shapes, buttons etc and Activity Clock, plus a display of dolls in outfits.
  3. We would recommend organising a primary school teacher or childcare trained assistant to person the event. We can provide briefing notes.
  4. 3-4 tables with 4-5 stools – ideally Velcro the table legs to the carpet as with all the activity they have a tendency to move. We found the Ikea tables perfect for this and photograph well for your social media.
  5. Product display along the back wall or sides to focus on the products that you want to highlight.

We suggest an incentive competition in order to scan details or provide a leverage to direct them to follow you on insta or for your mailing list.

I’ve attached a dropbox with images and video so you can see how well this can work. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9met27y851n2mer/AAA--hBZwVTTJckjWmYQ1zcxa?dl=0


You will also need a photography clause so that you can use the photographs which we can also supply.

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