• Kathe Kruse Dolls - Waldorf Organic Anna  Doll, 38 cm - ONLY 4 LEFT

Kathe Kruse Dolls - Waldorf Organic Anna Doll, 38 cm - ONLY 4 LEFT

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Kaethe Kruse Waldorf dolls are handmade - from 100% natural materials - soft rag dolls and their embroidered faces are, in the spirit of the Waldorf philosophy, kept simple.
Anna has wool hair to play with.
They stimulate the imagination and invite creative play.
Suitable from newborn.

Käthe Kruse developed in the early 20th century for her children a natural doll - a simple doll that was hand-made from natural materials. This is appreciated by parents who prefer a natural modern development based on creative play. Käthe Kruse Manufactory is licensed by the “Association of Waldorf schools” to manufacture Waldorf  dolls and toys. Each doll and every baby product is unique – like every child! The products are reduced in expression and in design to the essentials to stimulate the imagination of a child.

The high-quality details like the embroidery or the knitting, the wrapped and embroidered heads but also the stuffed bodies show the quality of the handcraftsmanship. Käthe Kruse products are made with organic materials. The body and forms are covered with cotton jersey. The materials come from controlled organic farming and the sheep wool filling from controlled biological livestock.  In addition Käthe Kruse offers an anti-allergenic baby line without sheep wool filling.

Käthe Kruse manufactures in Europe. This guarantees a hygienic quality, sustainable production and an environmental friendly energy balance. Therefore they prefer less packaging.

Käthe Kruse’s unique natural collection is for every age: from babies to school children!

Claudia Kuhn (Designer) about her Waldorf Dolls:

"As a child I played dreamily in my magical world of fantasy. My favorite place was my grandmother's enchanted garden with my beloved dolls. I wished nothing more than my favourite doll would come alive, warm and soft, especially during the night. She became real in my fantasy. Warm, soft dolls which don't hurt when I hugged them in bed - this I found in Waldorf dolls.

Let me tell you a secret: still today every little Waldorf child is for me a unique, living being and tells me, when I listen, its stories."

What is special on a Waldorf Doll?

The doll is unique among all toys a child can have. It is the image of a human being, a friend, a companion, and thus not interchangeable as a building block or car.

1) The essential characteristics of a Waldorf doll:

a) The design - especially the face - 2 points as eyes, a line for a mouth, which only implies a delicate smile. Thus the child can use the power of his imagination and put every feeling in the doll's face as laughter, tears, joy, sadness...

b) It is made almost entirely by hand. Just the body parts are made by sewing machine. Each step is executed in many hours of manual labour. Each Waldorf doll is, like every human being, absolutely unique.

c)  Waldorf dolls are made from natural materials such as wool and cotton. It is important that the doll feels good. For this arouses feelings of affection and tenderness. Because their filled with sheep's wool the doll feels wonderfully warm and cuddly and is soft and smooth in the arm of the child.



Age Group Newborn
Size 38 cm

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