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Active learning through fun activities

Miniland teach & play is founded on the combination of the two most important trends in modern-day learning: Active Play and Game-Based Learning.

Miniland teach & play is based on active learning through play with real toys, which can be touched, shared and used, in order to learn the concepts worked on in class, but with the motivating effect provided by play.

Learning sessions end with a support activity in the way of a digital game, through which children can reinforce the concepts learned.

Resources are aged for children 2-9 years with over150 free toolkits: digital games, teaching guides and activity files to choose from.

Miniland teach & play promotes active learning based on play through fun activities. This approach aims to encourage children to learn, increase their interest and capture their attention, by making them the key players in their own learning process.

This active learning model allows for individual paces of learning, thus enabling children to learn from their mistakes and increase their self-esteem. This will establish the foundations for their motivation to acquire new knowledge.

Project developed in collaboration with AIJU, the Spanish Technological Institute for Toys

Miniland Educational has developed this Project in collaboration with AIJU, the Spanish Technological Institute for Toys, an organisation that has been providing the psych and pedagogical element to children’s games and toys for 25 years.


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