Little + Sleepy Kiwi Soft Toy
Little + Sleepy Kiwi Soft Toy

Little + Sleepy Kiwi Soft Toy

Brand: Little + Sleepy
Product Code: LS006
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As babies can only see in black and white for around the first five weeks of their lives, the Little + Sleepy books are designed to engage babies right from birth, with bold black and white graphics that babies can actually see. Designed to help mum and dad establish really healthy sleep time routines through reading to them from day 1, and because the babies can actually see the books they respond to it so great feedback for new parents. 

As babies grow and the story is understood the soft pillow toy becomes a tool for getting little ones to sleep, “Now you have to go to sleep so Sleepy Koala can wake up and look over you,” when the book and toy combine they can be used as a special bedtime trick.

Designed with love, this is the perfect first gift. 

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