Weaving and Threading

Great for dexterity and life-long hobby starters.

Age: 2+

Miniland Aptitude Eco Threading Activity 123 ABC  [EDUCATION CHANNEL ONLY]

Set of letters and numbers made in ecofriendly materials, which help children learn their shapes whi..

Miniland Aptitude Eco Threading Activity Shapes, 36 pcs  [EDUCATION CHANNEL ONLY]

This is a threading game using 3D geometric shapes made from assorted materials including spruce fib..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Threading Activity Figures, 32 Pcs [EDUCATION CHANNEL ONLY]

A set of 32 translucent figures, consisting of 8 different shapes in 4 colours, which can be used on..

Micki Wooden Weaving Frame, Round

Micki Wooden Weaving Frame, Round

Product code: 10.2235

The weaving frame is a classic wooden toy from Micki! The weaving frame includes 4 different structu..

Micki Wooden Weaving Frame

Micki Wooden Weaving Frame

Product code: 10.2170

Are you creative? Weave some fine rugs for your doll’s house or little cloths for mummy and daddy wi..

Miniland Aptitude Eco Activity Chains, 48 pcs  [EDUCATION CHANNEL ONLY]

This set of coloured links allows chains to be created. made from eco-friendly material which is a c..

Loch Ness Toys - Gabby the Sheep

Loch Ness Toys - Gabby the Sheep

Product code: LN005

Gabby is our first lacing toy. She is a perfect toy to help the little ones develop their tactile sk..

Miniland Aptitude Threading Activity Shapes, 70 pcs  [EDUCATION CHANNEL ONLY]

Made of solid plastic shapes, the set includes five different shapes, braided laces and a collection..

Miniland Aptitude Threading Activity Buttons, 57 pcs  [EDUCATION CHANNEL ONLY]

This set contains big buttons with one to five holes in bright colours which are ideal for sequencin..

Miniland Aptitude Threading Activity ABC 123, 57 pcs [EDUCATION CHANNEL ONLY]

Miniland Educational offers a broad range of toys for play and learning. Our mission is creating min..

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