Colours, Shapes & Patterning

Fabelab - Puzzle Game - Lets Play Dress-Up

Fabelab gives 10% of the earnings to Plan international’s project “Early Childhood”. The project sup..

Fabelab - Game - Let's Play Together Memory Game

The players take turns flipping two pieces where they’ll hopefully get a match. Fabelab gives 10% of..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Stacking Pyramids, 25 pcs

Set of 25 translucent pieces that can be used to stack and fit together to build multi-colored pyram..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Activity Colour Pallettes, 12 pcs

This game of translucent palettes allows children to discover the world through colours and to play ..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Counting Gems, 150 pcs

Gems of different colors made of translucent plastic for use as counters and for playing at classify..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Connexion, 65 pcs

A set of 56 2D polygons, which fit together to build polyhedrons and 3D volumetric shapes. It comes ..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Sort and Count Abacolours, 67 pcs

This translucent plastic abacus has a 5 column base and 50 pieces in different colours and shapes. T..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Geometric Shapes, 52 pcs

This set of 40 geometric shapes made in translucent plastic encourages children to experiment and di..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Tangram, 34 pcs

This traditional oriental puzzle of tangram involves making recognisable shapes in 7 basic shapes (5..

Miniland Reef - Necklace Treasure, 41 pcs

A magnificent pirate treasure to make thousands of necklaces! Children can make spectacular pirate ..

Miniland Reef - Mandala Stone

Miniland Reef - Mandala Stone

Product code: MNL75011

This relaxing game is all about making mandalas. This game offers a big “river stone” which the lit..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Activity Building Bricks

A construction set consisting of 100 pieces of different sizes and colours that fit together. Kids ..

by Astrup Wooden Educational Stacking Tower Set, 26 pcs

This stacking tower includes 25 different shapes in naturals and moss colours and inspiration cards ..

by Astrup Wooden Educational Sorting Game Set

This set includes a block, three balls and hammer – perfect for that first cause and effect experien..

Sassi Puzzle 2 - Shapes

Sassi Puzzle 2 - Shapes

Product code: SAS127

Have fun pairing up the two pieces of each of the 10 puzzles and then read the rhyming 10 page har..

Miniland 3D Mosaic Art

Miniland 3D Mosaic Art

Product code: MNL95020

This great new STEM game allows you to build on 2 and 3 dimensions using a sturdy mounting bracket..

Miniland Mosaic Superpegs, 32 pcs

Miniland Mosaic Superpegs, 32 pcs

Product code: MNL45319

The first contact with Pegs is perfect for small hands and comes out the STEM category.   These l..

Miniland Mosaics, 20 mm

Miniland Mosaics, 20 mm

Product code: MNL45318

This fun STEM set of mosaics include a transparent pegboard, 6 fun designs to complete and 150 pegs..

Miniland Mosaics, 15 mm

Miniland Mosaics, 15 mm

Product code: MNL45317

This fun STEM set of mosaics include a transparent pegboard, 6 fun designs to complete and 150 pegs ..

Miniland Mosaics Giant Superpegs, 240 pcs

For tiny hands, large-size pegs which are easy to handle and fit on the boards. Presented in 4 shape..

Miniland Giant Superpegs Mosaic Board Patterns

12 different patterns on plastic sheets. Age: 3+ Made in Spain ..

Miniland Giant Superpegs Mosaic Board

Children love copying models and reproducing their surroundings on panels and boards. Miniland Educ..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Logic Turtles, 20 pcs

A set of 20 translucent turtles and 9 double-sided activity cards with two levels of difficulty. By ..

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