Forests and Jungles

Sassi 3D Assemble, Build and Book - Jungle

So many creatures live amidst the dense tropical vegetation, trees and vines of the jungle: sweet sl..

Sassi Baby - Animals of the Forest

Deep in the forest it’s time for bed: follow the baby bear, bat, owl, squirrel and fox as they retur..

Sassi Book and Giant Puzzle - Dragon in the Forest

Dragons live in a forest, where they play all day with each other and their animal friends. They lov..

Sassi Books - Sound Book - Into the Forest

In the midst of a moonlit night, a firefly is searching for something that makes it feel less ..

Sassi Save the Planet - The Amazon, 220 pcs

Threatened by fire and deforestation, the Amazon – the Earth’s “lungs” – may disappear completely—ta..

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