Human Body

An informative, educational and fun way of learning about our physical body, our mind and well being.

Miniland Aptitude Emotiblocks, 25 pieces

Miniland Educational presents Emotiblocks from their Parenting Tools Collection which won Toy of the..

Miniland Aptitude Family Diversity Blocks

Family Diversity Blocks is a game with a wheel to build different kinds of families.   It helps w..

Miniland Figures - Handicapped, 6 pieces

This set of figures provides a useful didactic resource to help to establish elementary rules with r..

Miniland Learning Sequences - Hygiene Habits

This sequencing set includes 1 base, 36 plastic cards on hygiene habits and 1 pedagogical guide. ..

Miniland Learning Sequences Behaviour & Little Tasks

This sequencing set includes 1 base, 36 plastic cards and 1 pedagogical guide. The cards enclosed..

Miniland Memo Game: Values Education

Miniland Memo Game: Values Education

Product code: MNL31925

A series of 4 themed sheets for education in values: gender equality, tolerance, respect, good behav..

Miniland Mindful Play

Miniland Mindful Play

Product code: MNL31898

  A giant mindfulness spinning top! The best way to conduct relaxation and self-awareness..

Miniland Science Human Torso - Digestive System - JUST 3 LEFT!

This human torso comes with 16 pieces, 1 calories turning wheel, 10 do-you-know information cards, 1..

Sassi Lens Books - The Human Body

In this 32 page book, observe the wondeful “machine” that is the human boy with the help of a ma..

Sassi Travel, Learn & Explore Book & Puzzle  Set - All About The Human Body, 200 pcs

Learn all about the human body and how it works! Read about the skeleton, muscles, blood circul..

Sassi Travel, Learn and Explore - Puzzle & Book Set - The Human Body, 205 pcs

Take a fascinating tour of the human body! How does your respiratory system work? What kind of bones..

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