Where is it: 4/153 Oxford St, Bulimba, open everyday from 10am, 9am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday  

Why we love it: Every little kid’s dream shop - packed to the brim full of amazingly beautiful, fun and creative toys! And it stocks some very special dolls!

Tell me more: We love visiting toy shops, and we’ve visited quite a few. So I think that we can judge a good one when we see it - and Crackerjack Toys in Bulimba is definitely one of the good ones!

Our visit to Crackerjack was inspired for a particular reason - to check out the beautiful Miniland dolls. Miniland dolls are lovely dolls that are of fabulous quality, anatomically correct, oh so cute and they come in different races as well, and our little girl is a big fan. They are stocked at quality toy stores, so we knew that we would find them at Crackerjack! The range of Miniland Dolls includes Asian, Caucasian, African, and Latin American, and different sizes/ages as well, so if they like your little guys can play with a doll that looks like them, or perhaps does not look like them. And they look great too. Realistic enough to educate (fantastic if your little one might be getting a little brother or sister in the future), but not so realistic that the kids forget that they are toys, Miniland Dolls are the perfect balance! They are the perfect little friend or sibling and definitely help in developing social skills as well as allowing your little one to care and nurture for their new best friend! 

But back to Crackerjack - this store is like a kids’ wonderland! There are toys stacked into every little nook and cranny, it reminded me of Disney’s original ‘Santa’s Workshop’! It goes without saying that our little girl was suitably impressed, as would every little kid that visits. Fabulous toys, games, puzzles, clothes, books, arts and crafts and their aim is to stock environmentally friendly products designed to be passed on through siblings or even generations. There is also a focus to support local businesses where possible, be it manufacturers or distributors of this wonderful range of toys.

We came to choose a Miniland Doll but upon entering and seeing the marvelous range of toys here, I was a little concerned that I might not be able to leave without taking half of the store with me! In the end my little girl did make her choice of doll and we also grabbed a wonderful bespoke outfit from the range Love by Abi Rose. These lovely clothes are made for the Miniland range and also come in matching designs for the kids - wonderful! We also picked up a beautiful little basket for our doll to sleep in - the whole combination looks so cute and our little girl was so happy!

Website: https://crackerjacktoys.com.au/

Miniland Dolls


Axis Toys, Let the Children Play Toyshop and Triple M Mackay have teamed up on a Miniland Dolls event and giveaway.
Axis Toys, Let the Children Play Toyshop and Triple M Mackay have teamed up on a Miniland Dolls event and giveaway....
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