Here is Part 2 of our blog series to create some really simple and inexpensive decorations to create a Christmas atmosphere in miniature for your Lundby doll’s house. But allow your own imagination to flow as well! If you have a look around you at home, there are sure to be lots of little things that can provide excellent material for Christmas decorations for your doll’s house. We would love to see pictures of your decorated houses on Instagram, just tag them #lundbyaust

 Sweet Little Christmas Candlestick
Candlesticks always create a wonderful atmosphere. Here is one that you can make with plastic beads.
blog ljusstake_Lundby-1


Mini plastic beads, white, yellow and green or any other colour you like.
Mini-bead base
Iron (ask an adult for help!)
Oven paper


1             Print out the template for how the beads should be positioned.

2             Place the beads as shown on the template. One candlestick and two ”feet” for it to stand on.

3             Ask an adult to help you to place the oven paper over the pearls and then iron carefully until the beads fuse together and are attached to each other. Let it cool.

4             Then carefully peel off the candlestick and the candlesticks ”feet” from the base.

5             Glue the ”feet” in place so that the candlestick can stand on its own. Prepared and ready for the doll’s house!

Candlestick design

Candlestick template


Andrea Engsall’s Christmas Garland
Swedish interior designer and her daughter Diana have come up with this lovely garland for the stairs.
blog juliggirlang_lundby-1


Pipe cleaners in two or more colours


1             Twist the pipe cleaners around each other.

2             Then wrap them around the banisters in the doll’s house.

3             Cut off the ends if it’s too long. Done!

Have you tried these decorating tips? Or have you created something else for your doll’s house? Share your photos on Instagram, tag them #lundbyaust

Happy decorating!

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