When Christmas arrives you can really indulge in decorating your Lundby doll house so here are some really simple and inexpensive ways to create a Christmas atmosphere in miniature. The shops are full of ideas and the interior design magazines provide lots of tips for things you can make yourself. A lot of people use red and green for Christmas decorations, but why not try mixing in other colours and having a really colourful Christmas?! We would love to see pictures of your decorated houses on Instagram, just tag them #lundbyaust 

Tiny Christmas Crackers
The perfect decoration for the Christmas tree has to be a cracker! Make a tiny one for your dolls’ tree!
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Stick or straw
Tissue paper
Patterned tape


1             Cut the stick (or straw) to 1.5 cm.

2             Cut a piece of the tissue paper of about 5 x 5 cm. If you make a similar piece in another colour then the cracker is especially attractive.

3             Place the stick in the middle of the paper and mark the short sides.

4             Then fold the paper from the sides into the markings.

5             Make small cuts up to the markings so that it is fringed.

6             Apply glue in the middle of the tissue paper and then roll it around the stick.

7             Wrap the patterned tape around so that it is attached.

8             Cut a piece of string, about 10 cm. Tie the ends around the fringes.

9             Prepared and ready to hang on the dolls’ Christmas tree!

Christmas wreath for the door
The door wreath certainly is a classic among Christmas decorations.
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Firm cardboard, preferably green
Tissue paper, green
Nice thread, perhaps in gold


1             Draw a circle of about 3 cm in diameter on the paper. Then draw a smaller circle of about 1,5 cm in diameter inside the big one.

2             Cut out both the large circle and the circle inside it. This gives you a ring that is the base for the wreath.

3             Cut out lots of small pieces of tissue paper, about 2 x 2 cm and crumple them up into small balls.

4             Put glue on the cardboard circle and press on the balls of tissue paper so that they completely cover it.

5             Then twist the gold thread around the entire wreath. If you want you can tape the back so that the thread stays in place.

Have you tried these decorating tips? Or have you created something else for your Lundby doll’s house? Share your photos on Instagram, tag them #lundbyaust

Happy decorating!

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