The latest poster from ColourAway is called “Ocean Dreaming”. Created by Australian artist Lou Trevitt, this poster combines the Ocean’s beautiful sea life and Lou’s passion for the balance of life. When Lou Trevitt sat down to design her fourth poster for ColourAway she initially felt a real resistance and struggled to start, thinking how am I going to draw animals. At that time she found herself dreaming of the ocean, little did she know of the power of the ocean to draw out her inspiration. The ocean is a feminine symbol; it’s often associated with compassion, creativity, and intuition. Dreaming of the ocean asks us to get in touch with our deeper selves and connect with our true nature.

oceans poster olDrawing this poster was a very special process for Lou and took her on a journey that she didn’t expect! “It all fell into place after l had a very vivid dream of a girl swimming out past her comfort zone in the ocean. I felt extreme fear for her thinking that she would be eaten by a shark!! But then out of the water breached a beautiful white whale that she swam towards and played with. When she swam back to shore she walked towards me, l said to her “Are you crazy you could have been eaten by a shark?”

She said, “No that was the whole point, l needed to swim beyond my fear of the shark to meet the white whale, they are very shy and do not show themselves to people. I had to overcome my fear, just as the whale had to overcome its fear.”

So that day Lou started her fourth poster for ColourAway. First came the white whale and the shark, then the turtle and the whale shark. “What also came with it was a deep love and connection with ocean life that l hadn’t felt before. That’s why l called this work – Ocean Dreaming.”

ColourAway Oceans Dreaming“To me a creative life is living your authentic self in everything you do food, fashion, work, play and lifestyle. It is my intention to entwine Mindfulness, Art and Wellness together in a holistic approach through creative expression. l was reminded of the importance of this after recovering from Breast Cancer four years ago when l realised that l wasn’t valuing the best part of me…. my wonderful creative self! The ColourAway Posters have been a wonderful platform for me to consolidate all of my modalities into one package that can be shared and enhance creativity and mindfulness in others.”

In another first for the ColourAway range they have released Colouring-in Cushion & Fabric Pen Sets inspired by the work of Lou Trevitt. The designs currently available are dolphins and turtles from Oceans Dreaming, the owl from Magician’s daughter and the butterfly from Native Garden. They make perfect gifts for someone who loves to colour or alternatively once coloured can be given as original and personalised gifts.


About the artist – Lou Trevitt
Lou is a Multi-dimensional Artist and Creative Stylist based in Sydney. Lou has studied Photography, Art, Design, Pottery, Millinery and Holistic Counselling. She worked for many years within the fashion Industry as a stylist, window and shop merchandiser and also collaborated with the designer on forecasting style and cohesion of the ranges. Lou also worked in the Hospitality Industry in service and management but was most satisfied when revamping and renovating the cafes and bars to improve their aesthetic and ambience. Lou is happiest when creativity is woven through every part of her day.

About ColourAway
Designed and manufactured in Australia the ColourAway poster range is printed on FSC Certified 170 gsm paper and includes 12 vibrant Scribbla brushstroke pens. Individually packaged and rolled these incredibly detailed and giant A1 posters guarantee hours of creative joy. The cushions are 40cm high or wide and come packaged with fabric pens. Australian stockists can be found here


For more information, please contact: Paula Opfer, Axis Toys – Ph: 02 9986 3456

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