The latest ColourAway Poster designed in Australia called “Land Downunder” is a fitting tribute to the unique plants, mammals, reptiles and frogs that make Australia special. Acknowledgement of the traditional owners is an important component as they and their artwork are tied so strongly to the Australian land.

CA_LandDownunderIn the creation of the ColourAway Land Downunder poster, artist Karen Sentonaris was able to indulge her fascination with all the extraordinary, weird, wonderful and unique animals that make Australia special. Australia teems with native animals, many which are found only here and the opportunity to showcase these animals in one beautiful A1 poster was a challenge that Karen was excited at the prospect of designing.

“I started with what for me are the essentials of the Australian land scape: the sea; the dry land; a big sky and a gum tree.  After this I wove everything else into the landscape. As I drew, each animal took on a personality, which defined the patterns that adorn them. The Dugong is covered in daisies like a gentle, happy hippy as I imagine them to be. The Cockatoo has strong strident patterns to match their “I don’t care what you think” attitude that you see from them after they have stripped every orange from your fruit trees.”

“My favourite animal is the echidna. They are so shy, aloof, gentle, and spiky. You won’t see them in the zoo, as they are always hiding, but if you keep watch you will occasionally see them in the bush, and in your garden.  I drew this echidna from the photographs I took in my neighbours drive way.”

The aspect of hide and seek with the animals has been incorporated into the design and each poster kit includes a challenge sheet to find the animals as you colour.

Australia would not be Australia without our insects, so of course there are the red back spiders, ants to represent the 400 species of ants Australia has, cicadas because their song dominates so many memories of Christmas in the heat and so the list goes on. Of course the most dominant animal is the kangaroo, standing proud and strong as the symbol of our great nation.

The echoes of Aboriginal culture are an important element, they are as much a part of this ancient land as the setting sun. Their influence is felt strongly in the style of the patterns and the symbols in the rock – hunting arrows, boomerangs, kangaroos, hunters and foot prints of both man and kangaroo.

ColourAway land downunder“It was a chance occurrence that led me to meet and eventually design for Paula and Peter of Axis Toys. I am thankful for the opportunity to design and express my love for my new country in Land Down Under. I love all the creatures of Australia from the noisy repetitive cicadas to the iconic big red kangaroo. I hope that I have captured the diversity of wild life in Australia and showed them off in the amazing diverse landscape that makes Australia so unique.”

In another first for the ColourAway range they have released an Apron and Christmas Stocking designed by Karen Sentonaris that can be coloured with fabric pens. They are an extension of the Land Down Under posters using the flora and fauna of Australia as inspiration. They make perfect gifts for someone to who loves to colour or alternatively once coloured can be given as original and personalised gifts. Ideal for travellers who would like to take a memento of the Land Downunder home with them.


About the Artist – Karen Sentonaris
Karen is a multi-faceted artist, born and raised in South Africa, where she studied Fine Arts with a Major in Ceramics. With the help of her parents Karen established a successful production ceramic studio supplying African inspired table ware that serviced shops country wide as well as exporting to the UK and US. In 2008 the family relocated to Australia where Karen kept her creative spirit alive, with acrylic painting, drawing, beadwork, mosaic and ceramics. Karen’s love of local culture and the environment were the perfect combination when asked to design for ColourAway Posters. Karen has also designed the pencil cases for the funky new stationery range for the tween-plus market called Scribbla. The pencil cases feature the cheeky critters that were her inspiration for Land Downunder posters.

About ColourAway
Designed and manufactured in Australia the ColourAway poster range is printed on FSC Certified 170 gsm paper and includes 12 vibrant Scribbla brushstroke pens. Individually packaged and rolled these incredibly detailed and giant A1 posters guarantee hours of creative joy. The ColourAway Apron and Christmas stocking come packaged with fabric pens. Australian stockists can be found here

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