Hot off the success of launching the ColourAway Colouring-In Posters and 2016 Calendar, with nearly 200 stockists secured in the first three months of its launch,  ColourAway has now released three new posters and extended the range into the lifestyle gift market. New this year are cushions, an apron and even a Christmas stocking that can be coloured with fabric pens, all featuring the gorgeous doodling design that has made ColourAway so successful.

The new ColourAway designs have something to appeal to everyone and each design as its own unique and personal story from the artist.

colouraway oceans dreaming with pens ol-350x350

ColourAway “Ocean Dreaming”

The latest poster from Lou Trevitt is called “Ocean Dreaming”. This poster combines the Ocean’s beautiful sea life and Lou’s passion for the balance of life. When Lou Trevitt sat down to design her fourth poster for ColourAway she initially felt a real resistance and struggled to start, thinking how am I going to draw animals. At that time she found herself dreaming of the ocean, little did she know of the power of the ocean to draw out her inspiration. The ocean is a feminine symbol; it’s often associated with compassion, creativity, and intuition. Dreaming of the ocean asks us to get in touch with our deeper selves and connect with our true nature. Inspired by Lou’s designs ColourAway has released Cushion & Fabric Pen Sets. The designs currently available are dolphins and turtles from Oceans Dreaming, the owl from Magician’s Daughter and the butterfly from Native Garden.

downunder_col2 ol-350x350

ColourAway “Land Downunder”

In the creation of the ColourAway “Land Downunder” poster, new artist Karen Sentonaris was able to indulge her fascination with all the extraordinary, weird, wonderful and unique animals that make Australia special. Australia teems with native animals, many which are found only here and the opportunity to showcase these animals in one beautiful A1 poster was a challenge that Karen was excited at the prospect of designing. It is ideal for travellers who would like to take a distinctive memento of the Land Downunder home with them. ColourAway has also released an Apron and Christmas Stocking designed by Karen Sentonaris that can be coloured with fabric pens. They are an extension of the Land Downunder posters using the flora and fauna of Australia as inspiration.

travel+pens ol-350x350

ColourAway “On My Travels”

In the third ColourAway Poster “On My Travels”, memory twists and turns, it shifts and moves smoke-like and foggy; it is the lens through which we see. It is through this lens we are permitted to look, at a young girl’s travel memoirs thanks to our new artist 15-year old Jordan Lee. Cities swirl around our young artist like memories flooding from her mind. What makes this poster special is that usually kids are on the colouring side not the designing side. It is not often you see a teen with the camera pointing away from them but then it’s not often a teen draws a poster such as this one.


Paula Opfer from Axis Toys felt that there was an opportunity to develop an Australian colouring range to fulfil not only the current colouring-in craze but also to provide a gift option that was perfect for the tween/teenager market right up to adulthood.

“We knew what pleasure colouring-in gave people and we felt there was an opportunity to provide a range that reflected the Australian and New Zealand lifestyle and love and respect for nature.” said Paula.

“We also felt there was an opportunity to expand the mediums beyond traditional posters to provide further gift options within the lifestyle market in the form of cushions, the apron and Christmas stocking.”

About ColourAway
Designed and manufactured in Australia the ColourAway poster range is printed on FSC Certified 170 gsm paper and includes 12 vibrant Scribbla brushstroke pens. Individually packaged and rolled these incredibly detailed and giant A1 posters guarantee hours of creative joy. The ColourAway Cushions, Apron and Christmas Stocking come packaged with fabric pens. Australian stockists can be found here

For more information, please contact: Paula Opfer, Axis Toys – Ph: 02 9986 3456

ColourAway "On My Travels"
In ColourAway On My Travels Poster, cities swirl around our young artist like memories flooding from her mind. It is not often you see a teen with the...
ColourAway Land Downunder
Fascination with all creatures downunder ...
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