In the new ColourAway “On My Travels” Poster, memory twists and turns, it shifts and moves smoke-like and foggy; it is the lens through which we see. It is through this lens we are permitted to look at a young girls travel memoirs thanks to our new artist 15-year old Jordan Lee from Australia. What makes this poster special is that usually kids are on the colouring side not the design side, especially a poster as large as A1.

CA_Travel-POSTER2 OL - CopyIn ColourAway On My Travels Poster, cities swirl around our young artist like memories flooding from her mind. It is not often you see a teen with the camera pointing away but then it’s not often a teen draws a poster such as this one.  Iconic landmarks from New York, Paris, London and Sydney are interspersed with more personal recollections from Jordan’s trip. “My favourite part of the poster is New York because I’ve always wanted to go there and it was really fun to draw. 

But I love Fiji and Paris as well (who wouldn’t!)”.

Designing and drawing the poster took Jordan close to 40 hours to complete. She chose travel as the topic because she loves to travel and it’s something she wants to do more of when she finishes high school.

“My friends that do art know I have drawn the poster. They like it and think it’s very cool. Everyone agrees it’s an amazing opportunity and I am so grateful to be involved in such an incredible project at such a young age.”on my travels

What’s next for Jordan?  “I would love to practice more in pastels and water colours and eventually in acrylic paints or oils.  I also want to keep working on my coloured pencil portraits. Anything to do with drawing or art really.”

About the Artist – Jordan Lee
Jordan is a 15 year old high school student with a keen interest in art and a mind always racing ahead with new ideas and designs.

About ColourAway
Designed and manufactured in Australia the ColourAway poster range is printed on FSC Certified 170 gsm paper and includes 12 vibrant Scribbla brushstroke pens. Individually packaged and rolled these incredibly detailed and giant A1 posters guarantee hours of creative joy. Australian stockists can be found here

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