Looking for new stationery items with attitude, then look no further than the new Scribbla range from Axis Toys, that offers a variety of items to colour-in using a new range of pens.

As a mother of Tweens, Paula Opfer from Axis Toys noticed that the tween market liked to stamp their own personality on their belongings – iPhone covers, screensavers and doodling all over their pencil cases. This idea was further reinforced by the rapid take-up of the ColourAway colouring-in poster range that allows people to individualise their own posters.

Paula felt that there was an opportunity to develop an Australian stationery range to fulfil not only the current colouring-in craze but also to provide a gift option that was perfect for the tween/teenager market right up to adulthood.

“We knew what pleasure colouring-in gave people and we felt there was an opportunity to provide a range that reflected the Australian and New Zealand lifestyle and love and respect for nature,” said Paula.

“We also felt there was an opportunity to expand the mediums beyond traditional posters to provide further gift options within the lifestyle market in the form of stationery items and even cushions and homewares.”

The new Scribbla range includes pencil cases are pre-designed with a favourite food, others are illustrated with a quirky character that can be coloured in or not with the fabric pens that are included. Karen Sentonaris, the ColourAway artist, designed the pencil cases for Scribbla using key cheeky critters that appealed to her as her inspiration from “Land Downunder”. This pencil case is black on one side with an additional netted pocket and the other side features this design and comes with two fabric pens to colour it in if you so choose!

pencil cases. smalljpgThen there are funky pencil cases replicating chocolate bars, sharks, pizza and tins of sardines! The gorgeous Scribbla 12 brush-stroke pens come packed in a simple vinyl pouch and the new line of ball point pens includes pliers, screws, screwdrivers and spanners. The ideas are out there and designed to appeal to the kids, most importantly the range has something for both boys and girls.

The new range of Scribbla stationery items will be ready for the July school holidays. All of the items in the range are practical and more stationery items will evolve out of this range over the coming months.

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