Lundby are happy and proud to tell you, that as a part of Micki Leksaker toys, they are embarking on a new partnership with the World Childhood Foundation. Thanks to WCF children have a chance to play, to develop and to feel good.

The World Childhood Foundation (WCF) is a non-profit organisation that supports children who are victims of abuse and sexual exploitation, street children, children in alternative care and families at risk in more than 100 programmes annually in 17 countries. Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden and 14 family foundations founded the World Childhood Foundation in 1999.

The work focuses mainly on the children who are often forgotten; children living on the street, in an institution or in a family where the parents cannot or are not focussed on the needs of the children to grow into the secure adults. Children living in deprivation are at greater risk of violence and sexual abuse.

Play is essential to the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being of children beginning in early childhood. It is a natural tool for children to develop resiliency as they learn to cooperate, overcome challenges, and negotiate with others. Play also allows children to be creative. Children who live in poverty often face obstacles that impede their rights to have playtime, thus affecting their healthy social-emotional development.

The most important aspect is to give strength and support to the adults who are close to the children. It is through play that parents and carers bond with children and in that play time they see the world through the eyes of the children.

The Lundby vision is that every child is entitled to a safe and playful childhood. “Play is so incredibly important for children to develop and feel good. Therefore it feels right for us to be working with a long standing toy manufacturer”, said Paula Guillet de Montoux.

Both Micki Toys and WCF are driven by optimism and they see that it is possible to make a difference, SOS Children’s Villages is one such example.


For 10 years, Micki Toys have worked closely with SOS Children’s Villages by donating a percentage from sales of Lundby dollhouses. SOS build and operate children’s villages, schools, vocational schools, social centres, medical clinics and family strengthening programs worldwide. Children who have lost everything can, with the help of SOS Children’s Villages have a family, security and love. SOS Children’s Villages are in 134 countries and territories.

Lundby are happy and proud to tell you, that as a part of Micki Leksaker toys, they are embarking on a new partnership with the World Childhood Foundation. Micki’s cooperation started when they contributed to the Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Village in the Central African Republic in 2007-2008. It continued in 2009-2010, with one of the SOS Children’s Village projects in Ghana. Then, by the end of 2014, they contributed to the work of Astrid Lindgren’s second Children’s Village, Noisy, in the Central African Republic. 2015-2017 they worked on another project together with SOS Children’s Villages, this time in the African Republic of Benin.

For over 70 years they have seen how their products stimulated children’s desire to play and learn. Thanks to SOS Children’s Villages and WCF they can do more and see more children play.

Read more about SOS Children’s Village work for disadvantaged children in the world here.

Read more about World Childhood Foundation here

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