Everything you have ever wanted to know about the manufacturers of Gotz Dolls.

Ballett1950 – Marianne and Franz Goetz founded the Goetz Puppenfabrik in Mönchröden (later part of the town Rödental). The first dolls were made of Papier Mache. All family members helped to make the story a success. Franz Goetz sold and delivered the dolls himself in the early years.

1957 – The first rotation melding machine was used to enable the production of the parts in house. Still today this is how doll parts are manufactured but now in Hong Kong.

1964 – The 1st reproductions of original artist dolls from Sasha Morgenthaler, the daughter of the Bauhaus artist Morgenthaler and friend of Paul Klee, were manufactured. Goetz is the founder of artist doll reproduction. Note: Art dolls are objects of art, rather than dolls to play with.

1985 – Employees increased to 150, later to 300.

1987 – Founded the American subsidiary in Baldwinsville , NY USA.

1989 – Reproduced artist dolls of Carin Lossnitzer and Sylvia Natterer. Artist reproductions have achieved worldwide recognition since then.

1990 – Subsidiary and production plant in Budapest/Hungary.

1992 – Goetz play dolls were honoured with the Spiel Gut (Good Toy) Award for the first time with many more to come. The Spiel Gut recommendation signifies that this toy has been tested with children and examined by experts with a positive result.

Elfen.1994 – The licence for Sasha Morgenthaler dolls was renewed. Goetz franchise retail chain was founded in Hungary.

1997 – Started cooperation with a children’s’ fashion design company, Pampolina and some Goetz dolls became little twins wearing the same clothes as the children. “Pampolina by Goetz collection“. Janina designed by Elisabeth Lindner is honored with the “Doll award of excellence“

1999 – The corporate management was assigned to the 2nd generation of the Gotz Family, Anke Goetz-Beyer and Uwe Beyer.

2000 – Received the licence “unser Sandmännchen”.

2001 – Received the Europe-wide licence for Harry Potter as a handcrafted doll.

2004 – Hannah`s world of play was born – the handcrafted doll enables creative play and supports individual development of cognitive abilities.Prinzessin

2005 – The production of the exclusive Steiff handcrafted dolls started. A cooperation with the Margarethe Steiff GmbH. Received the licence “Hase Felix” and introduced the doll accompanying the film “Felix – Ein Hase auf Weltreise”.

2007 – Introduced our successful doll concept “just like me”.

2008 – Received the licence of the little mouse “lillebi” and produced a collection of dolls and accessories.

2009 – Honouring the 50th birthday of “Unser Sandmännchen”, Goetz introduced to the market a limited edition “Sandmann in Lappland”.

2010 – The anniversary year. Goetz Puppenmanufaktur looks back at 60 years of doll passion and is thus one of the most traditional family owned doll companies in the world.Photobooth

2011 – Presents Haarwerk. A collection of premium make-up and hairstyling heads.

2016 – Introduced new dolls with more new hair/eye/face mould combinations

Every year Gotz brings their interpretation of current fashions in the real world to the styling of the dolls clothes and styling. And we know that 2017 and onwards will be no different.

Gotz Doll Retailers in Australia and New Zealand https://axistoys.com/Gotz-Doll-Stockists

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