When Margarete Steiff created the world’s first soft toy in 1880, little did she realise the enormity of the gift that she was giving to children everywhere. In 1902, her nephew Richard designed the Steiff company’s signature invention – the Teddy bear! Now, in the summer of 2017, a new exciting development arrives from the very same buildings in Giengen, Germany, that the world first Teddy bear was born.

The company’s new “Soft Cuddly Friends” embrace all the characteristics that made Steiff famous – ultra-high quality materials, intricate hand craftsmanship, and the famous “Button in Ear” – in a fresh new collection of contemporary styles designed to appeal to today’s children.

Steiff has always devoted itself to making the very best soft toys for children and embracing innovation imagination and perfection. As Margarete Steiff herself said: “For children, only the best is good enough.”

By this they mean they have developed the strictest criteria where quality, safety, workmanship and materials are concerned. They also set these standards above all prescribed international controls and tests summarized and anchored in Steiff’s Purity Law.

What the Purity Law means for your child
At a time when synthetic additives abound unseen, they want you to be able to be rest assured that the soft, silky fur of your child’s playmat is free of any harmful substances. This means that children can play and sleep safely with their furry friends for life.

  9. UNRIVALLED environmentally friendly QUALITY SINCE 1880


Still renowned for creating unrivaled “life like” animals, Steiff are thrilled to add this extra dimension of playful characters that are sure to become friends for life. Soft as soft can be, always ready for the biggest cuddle possible, the new kids in town are guaranteed to be a big hit with children of all ages. They’re destined to become a child’s most cherished companions, day in and day out.

This new range is of course machine washable and manufactured to the highest standard. But what will surprise you is the pricing that accompanies this fabulous new collection. Soft and Cuddly Friends are available in many designs and in three sizes. A full range of gift boxing is available plus floor and shelf displays to support as POS.

The story of Steiff is full of adventure, ambition and innovation lavish with romance, nostalgia and childhood dreams. It is the story of a company responsible for the unequalled popularity of the Teddy bear, the world’s most favourite soft toy. Over 100 years later and the popularity of Steiff has spread the entire globe and grabbed International headlines as antique bears made of traditional mohair and firmly filled with wood-wool, set world record prices at auction.

Proud of our heritage yet forward-looking and venturesome, Steiff never stops chasing dreams.  After all, just what would bedtime be like if there were no cuddly friends to snuggle up to? Unimaginable!

Founded in 1880, Steiff is the world’s premier manufacturer of high-end toys and collectibles. Indeed, Steiff is the only “luxury” toy brand in the marketplace today. Internationally renowned for its exceptional quality, Steiff still utilizes traditional materials and proven manufacturing techniques to create its unique and highly prized products. Steiff toys last so long because they are extremely well-made and vigorously tested – surpassing all U.S. and international toy safety standards. Vintage Steiff toys from the company’s earlier years have sold at auction for more than $100,000.  Collectors treasure Steiff products for their artistry, beauty, and lasting value. Children love their friendly faces, cuddly fur, and realistic designs. When “only the best” is good enough, Steiff is the only choice.


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