Axis Toys is delighted to bring the Kruseling fantasy adventure range of dolls from Kathe Kruse to Australia. The multi-cultural range of dolls developed in conjunction with doll artist Sonja Hartmann includes five deluxe boxed sets and six single doll boxed sets as well as magic outfits and tools.

Kathe Kruse has sculpted a line of affordably priced dolls designed for hands-on play, as well as collectability. The dolls are part of a brand-new epic storyline that the German company has invented. It revolves around a group of children, hailing from different nations and ethnic backgrounds, who are able to crossover from the world of reality to the world of fantasy. They can transform from their ordinary human forms into a band of fairylike super heroic characters called the Kruselings. The dolls are available in both their forms. They have created a range of dolls that help children between four and seven years old relate to positive body images whilst encouraging them to go on great adventures through inspirational backstories

The Kruseling backstory

When Luna, Vera, Sofia, Joy and Chloe are summoned by the “Fire Opal”, a mysterious power that is known as the “shines bright heart”, they turn into the Kruselings, the guardians of the Dreamland! Their job is to fight nightmares and to spread sweet dreams for all. The Kruselings go on adventures through the Dreamland with magic tools and spirit animals by their side.

Though the story of the Kruselings is one of friendship, togetherness and teamwork, each member has her own story to tell. Luna, Vera, Sofia, Joy and Chloe know that with their unique and combined talents they can face every challenge.


Let’s meet the adventurers

Luna – Girl of Justice
I’m Luna, a puzzle solver from Hong Kong.  I am always up for a challenge! Puzzles teach me to always think a few steps ahead. Due to my analytical mind, my fellow Kruselings think it best to make me the leader of the group. My magic telescope allows me to see things from a different perspective. Sometimes I can use it to see things hiding in plain view, invisible to the unaided eyes. Bao, my cuddly toy Panda, joins me on all my adventures.

Chloe – Girl of Creativity
Hi, I’m Chloe! I try to see the best in everybody and everything. The art in my hometown of London, England teaches me to never stop creating and pushing boundaries. I rarely find myself in a corner I can’t paint my way out of! With a wave of my magic paintbrush I can turn nightmares into the sweetest dreams. When Luna and I combine my creativity with her puzzle-solving skills we make a very powerful pair! My squirrel friend, Brandon, is never afraid to withhold his criticism or his praise of my creations. He is a great friend and a greater teacher.

Vera – Child of Grace
Hi, I’m Vera. My dream is to be a great dancer in my home city of Paris, France. The other Kruselings think my love of dance is the reason I stay calm and easy-going in all situations. With a twirl of my magic ribbon I can draw elegant shapes into existence from thin air! I love to have last-minute dance parties with friends. My feline friend, Koschka, never leaves my side. However, Koschka doesn’t come close to the grace I demonstrate while dancing!

Sofia – Girl of Communication
I’m Sofía. I love nothing more than spending time exploring the sunny outdoors, especially around my home city of Lima, Perú. Nature holds many mysteries, and thanks to my magic flower I can communicate with all living things to learn their secrets! I may seem shy, but in truth I like to think carefully about my words before I speak. Exploring nature teaches me the importance of listening and observing problems carefully. If I can’t solve a problem on my own, I can almost always solve it by cooperating with friends! My stuffed animal rabbit, named Turu, enjoys taking a nibble of various plants in nature when I’m not looking, but I’ve got my eyes on him

Joy – Girl of Trust
Hi, I’m Joy! When not singing along to tunes on the streets of my hometown of New York City, I like to see if I can dance longer than Vera during her emergency dance parties! My friends say I have a bottomless supply of good humour and energy. I like to keep the positive attitude of the Kruselings team going strong! If someone is having a bad day, I help them work through it so we can get back to our responsibilities in the Dreamland. Though I prefer to respect people’s privacy, I can use my magic headphones to listen in on a person’s deepest secrets. But I never tell secrets to my parrot friend, Pippo. He talks too much!

Michael – Boy of Adventure
Hello, I’m Michael from Berlin, Germany! When not playing soccer with my friends, I’m always on the lookout for adventure. I believe that I can learn from everything I go through in life. I may lack the magical abilities of the Kruselings, but I always find ways to help out. Maybe someday I will have superpowers as well. The only thing I care about more than sports and adventure is being a good friend and team-mate. However, sometimes I just like to play a simple game of catch with my Golden Retriever, Peppi.

The Kruselings are brave adventurers, but more importantly,  role models devoted to making Dreamland and the world a better place.

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