There are millions of kids’ toys on the market, and there are thousands more released every month. With so much to choose from, how can you be sure that you are choosing a safe option for your child?

Most toys come with safety guidelines on the packaging, and toy safety seems like it should be common sense – until a toy which you thought was safe for your child puts them in danger.

Here are some parenting tips from Miniland Educational on how to make sure you buy safe toys for your child:

Make sure it’s age appropriate
One of the first things you need to consider about a toy is whether it is age-appropriate for your child. Young babies and children especially need to have toys that have been specially designed for their age group.


Don’t give your young child toys with any detachable parts that they can swallow or choke on; make sure there are no sharp edges to scratch their eyes, and remember that little  ones tend to put things in their mouth – so make sure that the toy is made of non-toxic materials.

Electronic toys
We live in an increasingly digital world, and as such, our children are getting exposed to technology from a very young age. Think about the number of young children and toddlers you see playing on iPads at restaurants, in the back of cars, or on the carpet in their homes.

If you are planning on giving your child something electronic, try and make it battery powered for kids under ten, however, if you do give them something with a charger, ensure that the charger is far away so they don’t entangle themselves in it or put it in their mouths.

Or you could give them something battery and power free! The Solar Dynamic allows you to build 10 different models with movement. It does not need batteries because it works with the energy accumulated in the solar panel when this one is located under the direct sunlight. It comes with a detailed assembly guide, step by step, of the models. A practical way of learning about solar energy

Supervision is key
No matter how safe a toy seems to be, there are circumstances that could lead to your child getting into potential danger. This means that you should always have constant supervision on your child when they are playing, especially if they are younger than ten.

By keeping a close eye on your child, you can ensure that they aren’t putting electronics in their mouth and getting electrocuted, they aren’t facing a choking hazard by putting small pieces of toys in their mouth, they don’t get their eyes scratched and everything in between. Keeping a close vigil on your child is one of the best ways to try and keep them safe.

Miniland design educational toys for children that are age-appropriate and up to the highest safety standards. They believe in using toys to create a holistic education experience for your child that incorporates technology, academics – and most importantly – fun. Like they say, learn through play!

Axis Toys are the distributors for Australia and New Zealand visit our website to see the full Miniland range available in Australia and New Zealand.

Paula Opfer, Axis Toys

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