Miniland have been developing educational toys for children for over 25 years, and in this time they have grown into one of the top educational toy brands in the world. They offer a wide range of toys that encourage children to learn through having fun.

Their mission is to design toys for children that help to develop the necessary skills that are essential for every age group. Their range of skill-building toys can be used by parents and teachers, both in the classroom and at home, to encourage academic learning during playtime.

Their hard work and efforts have been recognised time and again, and they have received numerous Able Play (special needs) and Parenting Choice awards and certificates. Their online blog is renowned for its wealth of information and advice for parents and teachers on subjects like skill-building, emotional intelligence, and preparing for future STEM careers.

So what makes their toys so special? Their process
They have a unique process when it comes to creating educational toys; they don’t simply build toys they think children will like, but ones that have been well thought out and scientifically proven to help children’s development.

They work closely with child therapists, teachers, trendsetters, pedagogy experts, and various universities during the toy development process. This helps them from the beginning to create toys that target skill-building and other essential developmental aspects that are essential to learn from an early age.

They include an educators’ guide within all their packaging to improve the teaching experience of parents and educators and maximize the potential of the toys by ensuring they are used properly.

A multiplay, hands-on experience
At Miniland they believe in developing toys that work on more than just one aspect of development. They have an all-round, holistic view on skill development and education using a hands-on approach and a combination of academics, fun, and technology. Miniland toys and tools enhance the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of each child. They have been designed to discover and develop new and existing skills and interests in a simultaneous manner, and to uncover the innate intelligences that make each child special and unique.

Here a just a few of the new toys in the multiplay range

BBQ Emotions!
This huge skewer helps kids recognize and manage their emotions. Discussing them while playing individually or in a group. Dealing with emotions as if they were ingredients is great fun, thereby helping kids to recognize and understand up to 10 different ones. Several different kinds of game are described in the guide.  This skewer will help kids learn to recognize and interpret up to 10 different emotions! The teaching guide contains 3 modes of cooperative game to enhance children´s creativity and work on the emotions. Content: 1 skewer, 1 base, 10 beads, 20 stickers, 10 game cards, 1 poster and 1 teaching guide. Suitable for 3 to 6 years.


ABC Monster
Point, throw and form words! Fun game to feed the monster with letters to create a myriad of words in many languages. The discs are letters that, once inside the mouth, slide through a channel and are placed in an orderly fashion to form the desired words. Active game for learning to read and write. There are various game modes with three progressive levels. Content: 1 monster, 48 discs of letters, 30 game cards, 1 letter storage bag and 1 teaching guide. Includes storage bag for playing pieces. Age: 3-7 years

Follow the Big Foot

A cooperation game consisting of the completion of footprint circuits to find hidden Bigfoot. Throw the dice to choose the route, complete the circuit by stepping over and placing the footprints backwards and watch out for the distractors and obstacles! You will need to overcome them to keep going and find Bigfoot. For psychomotricity sessions with motor walkways, working on cooperation and laterality. The teaching guide describes incredible game dynamics using the dice of courses and obstacles. Activate full psychomotor skills through cooperative play!  Complete up to 6 adventures and footprint circuits to find the hidden Bigfoot! Content: 12 flexible footprints: 6 left + 6 right, 2 soft course die, 1 soft obstacle and distraction die, 1 Bigfoot figure and 1 didactic guide. Suitable for 4 to 6 years.

Miniland Educational are dedicated to creating educational toys for children that adhere to their high standards and help children develop at the pace that they need.

Axis Toys are the distributors for Australia and New Zealand visit our website to see the full Miniland range available in Australia and New Zealand.

Retail or media enquiries please contact:

Paula Opfer, Axis Toys
Email: [email protected]

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