STEM careers are the fastest growing sector. So here’s how you can teach your child the essential maths skills they will need for the future


Math’s is not one of the most exciting subjects for more people, and more often than not, your child is not going to love the subject. However, once children have a grasp on the basics, they are more likely to enjoy it and will be eager to learn more.
Mathematics is an essential component of the STEM career sector. Seeing as it’s the fastest growing professional sector, you should encourage your child to learn as much as they can about science, technology, engineering, and math to set them up career opportunities.

These are the best activities for teaching math to kids:

Begin with counting
You can’t just go ahead and throw your two year old right into algebra, you have to start with something smaller. Begin to teach your child to count from as early as possible. Get the numbers 1 – 10 perfect before you move onto anything higher.
Every child learns to count differently and you need to find the way in which your child responds best – do they prefer memorizing while you speak or do they like you to write it down first? Find the way that they prefer and use this to help them to learn how to count. Once they have the basics under control, you can begin moving onto more complicated things.

Use everyday objects

Counting and math’s don’t have to be a complicated process using textbooks, in fact, it’ better to begin teaching your child the basics by using everyday objects around the house Buttons, fruit, cereal, cans, trees, and cars can all be used to teach your child the basics o addition and subtraction.
Also, use coins and small notes of money to teach your child how to use it, they will be learning an important life skill while simultaneously improving their math.
Have fun
Children learn best through having fun, and that’s why it’s important to ensure you use fun games and activities. A great idea is to do some baking or cooking with your child; measuring is an important skill to take to school and following a recipe will help them learn this.
There are also heaps of educational games that you can play with your child that will encourage them to learn maths through having fun. Math’s hopscotch, Monopoly, and online games are just a few that you can use.

Miniland Educational toys have been designed to teach children the skills that they need going into school, and further into their careers. The games are all educational, but most importantly they are fun and make learning enjoyable for your children. Here are just a few from the mathematical range:

Miniland Aptitude Logic Turtles – this game teaches children how to differentiate between colours, spatial orientation and notions of topology. The activities cards cover a series of exercises to help children identify the orientation and colour of the turtles by placing the plastic figures in the correct position. Each card features two levels of difficulty that progresses the child’s aptitude. Kit includes, 20 turtles, 18 activity cards, a didactic guide to help parents to learn with their child and a carry case. Age: 2-5 years.

Miniland Aptitude Activity Math Colour Rings -designed to work on the differentiation between sizes, colours, and textures with different themes and rings. These activities are grouped in different levels of difficulty and challenge. Includes 18 Activity Cards and a didactic guide to help parents learn with their child and a carry case. Miniland provides educational experiences for children – but never forgets the crucial value of imaginative play. Age: 2-5 years.

Miniland Aptitude Activity Shapes -made of solid plastic shapes, the set includes five different shapes, braided laces and a collection of cards with different sequencing classifications and linking exercises. Age: 3 – 6 years.

Children learn best through fun, and this also goes for mathematics. So start learning through play and you will find once children have a grasp on the basics, they are more likely to enjoy it and will be eager to learn more. They will see maths all around.

Miniland Educational are dedicated to creating educational toys for children that adhere to their high standards and help children develop at the pace that they need.

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