Perfect for young learners between the ages of three and seven, ABC Monster teaches children how to read and spell in an interactive way. Touted as three games in one, players throw colorful letters in the mouth of a “monster,” and determine whether the monster “spits” out the letters in the correct order of the word they’re trying to spell. Good for both individual players and groups, this game helps children organize the thoughts associated with reading, mentally decode images, practice basic spelling and gradually create words.
Wrapped up in one game, ABC Monster can be played in three different ways, depending on the skill level and ability of its players:
Easy Level Game: What’s Your Name?
How it’s played: Children practice spelling by using their own names instead of images.
Normal Level Game: Feeding the Monster
How it’s played: Children are shown an image and try to spell the object in that image.
Hard Level Game: Guessing the Word
How it’s played: Best for groups, only one person is shown an image and told to throw the first letter of that image into the monster’s mouth. Without seeing the image, subsequent players try to guess what the word is, and continue throwing in letters to spell that guessed word. 

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