Free Kids Activities To Keep Boredem Away

It feels like only yesterday that kids went back to school, after months at home due to COVID19,  yet here we are again looking for activities to have on hand for when the kids are stuck and need some inspiration for play.


Below we have collected some fun free activities that we hope your family will enjoy these holidays


1. Yogi Fun Printable Dice

This DIY yoga dice printable is a game for the whole family. Once assembled, roll the dice and act out the yoga moves illustrated on the sides. 4 fun designs to choose from.  DOWNLOAD IT HERE 


2. Mindful Kids Online Exprience

Enjoy free access to Miniland’s Mindful KIDS digital version, which offers the complete mindfulness program for children 2 and up, combining the physical game with the digital and interactive version. It is also great to play together as a family. SIGN UP HERE


3. Yogi Fun Videos

Learn a new pose with our sweet little instructional video from Yogi Fun


3. Grounded and Mindful Activity

Get grounded with this mindefullness activity coutesy of in wood VIEW IT HERE



4. 150 Free Games from Miniland Teach & Play 

Miniland Teach & Play is a free educational resources platform where you can find over 150 free toolkits, ready to use in your home or classroom. They can be used in combination with Miniland toys or independently!  VISIT HERE


4. Indoor Activities & Games to get Children Moving 


Teaching Kids Emotional Development with Miniland Emotiblocks
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