In Wood Separation Anxiety Soothing Heart

Jennifer from @little_play_ideas shares her review of our in-wood separation anxiety soothing heart. 



We went to Holly’s Kindy orientation this week. My baby is starting school! Her big sister couldn’t wait to get there but this one is a little less certain. Axis Toys have kindly gifted us the in-wood Separation Anxiety Soothing Heart to help us support any worries that she has about being away from us.

How does it work?

The heart separates into two parts; the larger piece is considered the charging station that stays at home and the little piece can be attached to her bag like a regular bag tag. She can then take it to school (without it being too much of a distraction in the classroom) to remind her mummy has sent her love and is always close. When she returns home, the tag can be ‘recharged’ with love ready for the next day. What a lovely idea!

in wood products are made from Australian FSC Certified blue and spotted gum and that the range is endorsed by environmental initiative OneStreet.

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