The Story of Loch Ness Toys



Loch Ness Cloud Stacker

The story of Loch Ness Toys started in 2013, during a trip around Scotland.


Owners Lucas and Anja felt like they belonging to this place, and immediately made the decision to move. Inverness proved to be the place where the two took their first steps towards creating this wooden toy range.


It was right there, on the banks of Loch Ness, where the pair thought about launching their first toy collection. Inspired by freedom and a love for the stunning beauty of their new homeland and the returning memories of childhood inspiration.




Reminiscing of a time when a favourite toy was enough to free the imagination and could be played with for hours quite contentedly.  So each toy has been designed to lay the foundations for a wonderful story.


Loch Ness Toys is passionate about giving something beautiful back to this world. The combined creativity from Anja who is an artist, and Lucas, a furniture designer, is clear in the clean lines of each piece that offers a naïve beauty and simplicity rarely seen in toys nowadays.


Anja comments that, “From the beginning we wanted to make our toys as safe and enjoyable as possible for children. This is why Loch Ness Toys are simple in design and beautifully handcrafted with care and attention to detail. Each design begins with a hand sketch. Then ideas are refined on the computer and a first prototype is made. The goal? to create simple, natural and beautiful things that people will love and appreciate.


“With a Fair Trade approach we have used animal favourites for toddlers including a lacing sheep, elephant which was our founding product, dogs and goose as well as vehicles. We have interpreted them into stacking toys, push-alongs and pull-alongs.”


Everything in the range is made from FSC® Certified beech wood that has been hand sanded so that it’s smooth to the touch

and each toy is unique with beautiful individual colours and differing wood grains. All the paints we’ve used are also of course certified for toys – indeed everything in the range is free of harmful substances - and any cord used is sourced from natural fibres.” She adds.


Each toy is packed in a recyclable cardboard box, making them suitable as gifts for birthdays, showers and Christening presents.

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