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A Sustainable Alternative for Sand & Water Play

The bioplastic in Plasto's 'I'm Green' toy range is manufactured from sugar cane, a substance that is 100% renewable. The use of bioplastics reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the products carbon footprint because the sugar cane binds more carbon dioxide when growing than is emitted when producing...
Snsadmin Wednesday 08 September, 2021
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The extraordinary benefits of sensory play using a tabletop light box for kids!

Tabletop Light boxes and Light pads provide kids with many stimulating early-learning and development opportunities. The use of tabletop light boxes and light pads, both in the classroom as well as at home, is an invitation to learn. This methodology comes with many benefits – it enhances creativity...
Axis Toys Wednesday 11 August, 2021
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In a World First, Miniland adds Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Dolls to its Rang

The Australian Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Miniland Dolls are a world-first collaboration by Axis Toys, the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Miniland Dolls with Miniland Education in Spain, to create an Aboriginal Dolls range especially for Australia. Like all Miniland dolls, they h...
Axis Toys Thursday 03 June, 2021
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