Loch Ness Toys

Loch Ness Toys

Axis Toys launches Loch Ness Toys at Reed Gift Fairs.

This sweet collection of FSC Certified toys reflects the creators love of nature.

“We are their first distributor worldwide and delighted to be able to support this creative couple on their journey. We have supported novice artisans before and take great pride in being part of this creative and productive journey,” commented Paula Opfer from Axis Toys.



‘I want to capture the beauty of nature around me.  I was always being creative; I painted, drew and made models in the mud.  I didn’t know why..  I just needed to express myself.’

She loved her world and was thankful for it.

Then one day,  the little girl watched in wonderment as an animal appeared on her black and white television.  It was an elephant, unlike anything that she had ever seen before and she so wanted to see one for real.  

At that moment she realized that the world was so much bigger than she could ever have imagined.  The grainy images had opened her eyes and now, her heart longed to experience more…  

‘ I knew then..  that there would always be new animals to discover.’  

Anja & Lucas

Anja had a dream.

She would follow her creative path and soon would graduate from Art School.  Here she discovered how to create, to express and also met her soulmate Lucas.  However, Anja had yet to find her place in the world.

Then in 2013, during a trip around Scotland, their hearts began to beat a little harder.  For the first time, they felt a belonging to a place… and immediately made the decision to make their home together by the banks of Loch Ness. 

Anja and Lucas had a purpose, a dream that pushed them forward. They started with nothing and found freedom in the country with an incredible connection to the landscape.

The stunning beauty of their surroundings and the returning memories of childhood inspired them. They wanted to give something beautiful back to this world.

Loch Ness Toys was born, and the Elephant, so identified with childhood dreams, became a symbol of the journey and was of course, the design for their first wooden toy...  

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