• Kruselings - In-Store Experience Kit - Make a Booking

Kruselings - In-Store Experience Kit - Make a Booking


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The Kruseling Experience includes:

  1. One pop-up wall – one side has branding and features the characters and the other side features the different fairy wings for dress up opportunity.
  2. One theatre – for the kids to create their own Kruseling play with the dolls – our theatre got destroyed but we are procuring another one in our next shipment.
  3. Colouring-in sheets – these can be tailored with a competition to win XX from your store.
  4. Assorted dress ups – so the kids can dress up as their favourite fairy.
  5. Product display on Kruseling Stand or Shelf Branded Location
  6. Sticker sheet, bookmarks and carry bag giveaway to attendees.
  7. Giveaway prize for insta competition.
  8. Other educational opportunities are available which can be discussed separately but are more of a separate workshop event. See the Italian PowerPoint in the dropbox for examples.

We suggest an incentive insta competition which is to dress up as your favourite fairy with your favourite and take a picture in front of the “Wall of Wings” to go in the draw to win them. To enter #YOURNAME etc.

I’ve attached a dropbox with images and video so you can see how well this can work. This is from Playworld and from a specific customer’s event to launch their new shop: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jizbybm3tq84f02/AACcMfxZYb1bzyJ4dJuCsqtNa?dl=0



  1. It was an excellent event – the backdrop is fabulous and really distinguished the event and made it easy to control and manage. The children were not permitted to go outside of the area designated by the backdrop and they really understood this. It made a wonderful backdrop for photos!
  2. The colouring competition was very popular - allow 15 minutes for example at the event. Although we gave out the colouring in beforehand (making it double as a flyer with the event details on it) so that some children had a chance to do it at home and just bring it in, it was also a key activity on the day in which we had tables and pencils out so that children could do it at the event and allowed time for parents to browse.
  3. Face painting was perfect for this event. The face painter kept it simple and quick by not doing full faces or taking requests – she did butterflies and flowers on the cheeks and dressed the eyes a bit to suit the colour of the outfit the child had chosen. This was very efficient. Face painting was offered to boys who came so they could participate even if they didn’t want to dress up in fairy outfits – one boy did the whole thing! He had a fabulous time.
  4. Our Instagram rep came to the event and took some great photos of the event as well as generally of our new store.

Deposit of $1000 fully refundable based on return of all items in good condition – freight covered by customer.

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