Forests and Jungles

Sassi 3D Assemble, Build and Book - Jungle

So many creatures live amidst the dense tropical vegetation, trees and vines of the jungle: sweet sl..

Sassi Baby - Animals of the Forest

Deep in the forest it’s time for bed: follow the baby bear, bat, owl, squirrel and fox as they retur..

Sassi Books - Sound Book - Into the Forest

In the midst of a moonlit night, a firefly is searching for something that makes it feel less ..

Sassi Save the Planet - The Amazon, 220 pcs

Threatened by fire and deforestation, the Amazon – the Earth’s “lungs” – may disappear completely—ta..

Sassi The Animal Tree Giant Puzzle and Book Set, 30 pcs

Are you ready to head into the forest and explore the animal tree? Have fun putting together a gi..

WWF Memory Matching Game - Reptiles

This colourful memory matching game is brought to life through 18 reptiles from around the world. Se..

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