We would like to invite you to the magical world of Skrållan, a place where anything can happen as long as you have her by your side. Together you can throw fun parties, become heroes in a thrilling fairytale, go on treasure hunts in the garden and much, much more.
This doll is a classic talking doll with a unique character and high quality accessories. A huggable best friend who talks 25 different sentences to you in five different languages.
The talking doll Skrållan has been taking kids on adventures ever since 1966 and we know that you will have just as much fun with her as so many have before.
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Skrållan Bath Baby Anna, 36 cm
Product code: 16.1203
Standing 36 cm tall, Anna can borrow from Lillans' wardrobe. She come with a rubber ducky and..
Skrållan Bath Baby David, 36 cm
Product code: 16.1204
Standing 36 cm tall, David can borrow from Lillans' wardrobe!! He come with a rubber ducky an..
Skrållan Talking Doll, Blond, 45 cm
Product code: 16.1108
The game is always close at hand with Skrållan! Her playfulness and her voice makes her a p..
Skrållan Talking Doll, Brunette, 45 cm
Product code: 16.1109
The game is always close at hand with Skrållan! Her playfulness and her voice makes her a p..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Bathrobe, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2308
Bathrobe cum dressing gown! ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Bike Helmet
Product code: 13.1004
Safety first and then lookin' good!, 13.1004 ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Bike Seat
Product code: 13.1005
The perfect seat so she can keep you company on your bike rides! ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Carry Cot
Product code: 13.1003
Carry case for Lillan and the babies. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Ladybird Boots, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2317
Sweet ladybird boots. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Lillan Dungarees & T-Shirt, 36 cm
Product code: 14.2401
Now to the serious task of play! ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Lillan Fluffy Pink Onesie, 36 cm
Product code: 14.2407
How fabulous is this pink plush onesie complete with ears! This set also fits the 38 cm Minil..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Lillan Jogging Outfit, 36 cm
Product code: 14.2402
Ready for a run! Also fits the Miniland 38 cm doll. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Lillan Maurve Spotty Dress, 36 cm
Product code: 14.2403
Sweet casual dress. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Lillan Party Dress, 36 cm
Product code: 14.2409
All dressed up and ready to go! ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Lillan Pyjamas, 36 cm
Product code: 14.2406
Comfy PJs - they also fit the 38 cm Miniland doll. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Party Dress, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2314
Gorgeous party dress! ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Party Shoes, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2318
Black gingham shoes with bows. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Pink Dress, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2302
Gorgeous dress for all occasions! ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Pyjamas, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2315
Cute pyjamas. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Raincoat and Hat, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2316
Essential wet weather gear! ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Runners, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2309
Pink runners. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - T-shirt, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2306
Grey stripey t-shirt. ..
Skrållan Wardrobe - Tutu Skirt, 45 cm
Product code: 13.2304
The essential tutu skirt! ..
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