Shipment Schedule and MyAccount Portal

Please find shipment ETA below for current shipments and MYAccount Portal Access below:


These ETAs are updated at least weekly based on supplier and manufacturer updates – delays are based on CURRENT COVID19 restrictions in manufacturing countries and shipping traffic jams with ports congested and sailings delayed or cancelled.

Latest Updates:
Brand ETA Notes  
Sassi 12-17/9 Scheduled – two shipments  
Hess 12/9 unpack 20/9  
Yogi Fun 25/9 Scheduled – delayed again/Typhoon   
Micki and Astrup 28/9 Scheduled – delayed  
Kikadu 28/9 Scheduled  
Sassi 4/10 Exact date TBC  
Mindful Living 10/10 Scheduled – delayed  
Miniland 26/10 Scheduled – delayed (prev 19/10)  
Miniland 21/11 Scheduling delays (prev 28/10  
Natruba 1/11 Exact date TBC  
Miniland 15/12 Exact date TBC  
Miniland 15/1/22 Exact date TBC  


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