Plasto Sugar Cane Crane, 30 cm - AVAIL 15.5
Plasto Sugar Cane Crane, 30 cm - AVAIL 15.5

Plasto Sugar Cane Crane, 30 cm - AVAIL 15.5

Brand: Plasto
Product Code: Plasto1657ECO
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This crane is made in Finland bearing the Finnish Flag of Quality. Size is 30 cm

The plastic is a bioplastic, produced from sugarcane, which is a 100% renewable raw material. This product has a positive impact on environment with carbon footprint -2.15 kg CO2 eq/kg.

Sugarcane ethanol has emerged as an important ingredient to substitute for petroleum in the production of plastic. These so-called “bioplastics” have the same physical and chemical properties as regular plastic (the most common type is known technically as PET) and maintain full recycling capabilities.


Benefits of Bioplastics

Renewable - Sugarcane polyethylene replaces 30 percent or more of the petroleum that would otherwise be used to manufacture the plastic.

Lower carbon footprint - Each metric ton of bio - polyethylene produced avoids the emission of 2 to 2.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide on a lifecycle basis.

Use of bioplastics is still developing but the Finnish company Plasto Toys has taken a huge leap forward with their “I AM GREEN” range to not only protect future generations but to also protect the current generation of little people.

Gender Unisex
Age Group 1+
Size 30 cm

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