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Emoticapsules are capsules which represent basic emotions and which store pictures or objects related to each emotion.


They help with identifying and developing the ability to deal with emotions.


Their nested design makes them  easy to store. 


The five capsules represent different emotions and using good old fashioned communication allow the child to express how they feel about different objects or activities that make them happy, sad, anxious, angry or scared. They can then take a picture or object to represent this emotion and put it in the capsule as part of the discussion.


The idea being that by discussing the issue they will convert it to a happy emotion. Obviously, this exercise can also be used as a goal post tool to help the child confirm what makes them happy or what used to be a hurdle.

Age: 2-6 years

This is a game from Miniland’s Family Games Collection

Family games is the best means of having fun and learning while playing. A collection of games designed as a back-up “tool” for parents to actively educate their children.

These games help establish basic values and reinforce good habits, developing affection and strengthening bonds of coexistence. The collection encompasses concepts such as emotions, respect for the environment, nutrition, language and mathematics, tolerance, personal independence, behaviour …

CLICK HERE to watch the Emoticapsules video.


Carton Size for 5% Discount 6
Age Group 2 - 6 years
Size 5 capsules
Unit Product Size 23 x 34.5 x 9 cm

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