Contemporary Luxury Stockholm Doll's House and Accessories

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*Lundby Stockholm Starter Pack
This starter pack is based on 3 units of each item in the Stockholm range including 3 transformer..
Lundby 2015 Consumer Brochure
Product code: 60.9847
Beautifully featuring the 3 ranges in page turning detail. Not only in an easy refernce forma..
Lundby Electric Mix
Product code: 60.7026
This set includes three power boards, 5 replacement bulb sets and a spare extension level connect..
Lundby Stockholm 2013 Dolls House
Product code: 60.9032
The 2013 Stockholm doll's house has bright wall papers and accessories to make this glorious hous..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Armchairs & TV Set
Product code: 60.9051
This set includes two funky serge green armchairs, a large fluffy rug and wall-mounted plasma TV ..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Bathroom Jacuzzi & Shower Set
Product code: 60.9044
Packed with even more accessories. ..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Bathroom Set
Product code: 60.9043
Packed with even more accessories, this bathroom set sees a fresh look to complement the refurbis..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 BBQ Set (lights up)
Product code: 60.9049
The bbq comes wired so it can light up and includes a bag of charcoal, bbq tools and steaks, corn..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Bedroom Set (lights up)
Product code: 60.9047
This new addition to the Lundby Stockholm bedroom set has back lighting in the head board and acc..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Cot, Change Table & Baby Set
Product code: 60.9053
This new set includes a sturdy cot with bedding and a cute teddy bear, a change table with drawer..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Flower & Plant Set
Product code: 60.9055
This is a lovely new plant set to decorate the Lundby doll's house. The flowers can be picked and..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Kitchen Accessories
Product code: 60.9052
This kitchen accessories set includes even more goodies: 4 sets of crockery and cutlery, a bowl, ..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Kitchen Bar Set
Product code: 60.9042
Packed with even more accessories. This wooden bar comes with a cupboard, four drawers and two ba..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Kitchen Set (lights up)
Product code: 60.9041
The new Stockholm kitchen is packed with even more accessories and features underskirt lighting a..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Lamp Set
Product code: 60.9054
The new lamp set ensures that every space in the Lundby Stockholm doll's house is lit to its best..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Music + TV Set
Product code: 60.9040
This great new entertainment unit features  a TV and Music unit set with a built-in Bluetoot..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Pet Set
Product code: 60.9058
The doll family's pets love playing and getting up to mischief. The two rabbits, the cat with its..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Pool Set
Product code: 60.9045
How cute is this pool side set complete with slide, rubber rings, rubber ducks and beach ball. ..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Sitting Room Set
Product code: 60.9046
The new pink sofa set allows our Lundby family to watch their new wall-mounted plasma TV in comfo..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Sporty Family
Product code: 60.9056
This new-look family embraces a healthy life-style! ..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Sunbeds and Parasol
Product code: 60.9048
This new sunbed set includes 2 sunbeds with quilted sun cushions and a parasol. ..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Swimming Family
Product code: 60.9057
This great new family set is all ready for a summer holiday! ..
Lundby Stockholm 2015 Terrace Furniture
Product code: 60.9050
The new furniture for the terrace brings colour and a fresh funky approach to the outdoor setting..
Lundby Transformer Plug (Australian/NZ Version)
Product code: 60.7023
The transformer plug converts 240 volt to a child safe 4.5 volt. This is needed to activiate the ..
Lundby White Consumer Brochure Holder
Product code: 60.9806.1
This metal brochure holder is white and fits the Lundby Consumer Brochures. ..
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