Active Play

Children explore their world through movement as they manipulate, extend and explore the capabilities of their bodies through a range of experiences. Supporting children in various ways to explore their fine and gross motor skills such as, co-ordination, balance, walking, running, jumping, climbing, strength, clapping, shaking hands and grip, allows children the opportunity to practise their skills and physically challenge themselves.

From playing in the sand and water to pushing vehicles, the calm slow movements of yoga to galloping, all active play activities allow children to develop vital skills about their bodies’ abilities and limitation and experience the joy of movement.

Active play also allows children to recognise and communicate what their bodies need, such as thirst, hunger, rest, discomfort. Recognising these vital signs of their own body lets children happy, healthy, safe and connected to themselves and those around them. 

Active play also promotes healthy bodies, lifestyles, nutrition, personal hygiene and social wellbeing.

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