Light Pads & Translucent Resources

Light is one of the most fascinating elements to exploration and discovery in young children. It is a way to bring out imagination, concentrated learning, communication, discovery and emotion.

Kids are naturally drawn to light and the soft glow of light pads capture attention and provokes creativity in children, when used with a range of transparent manipulatives, this heightens children’s focus to the task at hand.

Light pad learning allows kids to expand and explore with creativity, concentration, problem solving, fine motor development, letter and number recognition and spatial awareness.

Miniland - Light Pad  A3

Miniland - Light Pad A3

Product code: MNL95101

A light resource to reinforce knowledge while learning through visual stimulation.   It helps kids..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Trays, 4 pcs

A set of 4 transparent trays to classify sizes, colours and shapes, which can be used on Miniland li..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Connexion, 65 pcs

A set of 56 2D polygons, which fit together to build polyhedrons and 3D volumetric shapes. It comes ..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Sort and Count Abacolours, 67 pcs

This translucent plastic abacus has a 5 column base and 50 pieces in different colours and shapes. T..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Activity Figures

A set of 32 translucent figures, consisting of 8 different shapes in 4 colours, which can be used on..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Geometric Shapes, 52 pcs

This set of 40 geometric shapes made in translucent plastic encourages children to experiment and di..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Tangram, 34 pcs

This traditional oriental puzzle of tangram involves making recognisable shapes in 7 basic shapes (5..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Activity Musical Notes and Pentagram

A set of translucent counters in various colours in the form of musical notes. With this game, boys..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Activity Building Bricks

A construction set consisting of 100 pieces of different sizes and colours that fit together. Kids ..

Miniland - Light Pad  A4

Miniland - Light Pad A4

Product code: MNL95100

A light resource to reinforce knowledge while learning through visual stimulation.   It helps kids..

Miniland Magnetic, 36 pcs

Miniland Magnetic, 36 pcs

Product code: MNL94105

Bigger pieces to make grasp and manipulation easier, with strong internal magnets to strengthen the ..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Logic Turtles, 20 pcs

A set of 20 translucent turtles and 9 double-sided activity cards with two levels of difficulty. By ..

Miniland Aptitude Translucent Activity Math Colour Rings

A set of 16 translucent hoops in differnt sizes and 12 activity cards with different themes and degr..

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