WWF Dominoes
WWF Dominoes

WWF Dominoes

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This game includes 28 FSC plywood domino tiles.You can build your domino rainforest as you match up animal images. Amazon Dominoes includes FSC wood dominoes and an attractive tube storage case with rope handle for easy transport.

Made with a multi-level green approach:  

1. Integrated Packaging: The durable tube packaging was built to provide safe storage no matter how rough the play is! Packaging materials are further minimized by including the instruction manual & educational content on the tube.

2. Green Materials: FSC pine wood blocks printed with natural paints packed inside a tube made from recycled post-consumer waste carton.     

3. Cause Marketing: Consumers can support WWF by buying toys they love!

Educational Features:

Dominoes can be played alone or in a group, helping children develop concentration and co-ordination skills. It is also great for improvising new uses as they learn about the Amazon.

This game is suitable for 2-4 players.



Age Group 3+

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