*TicToys - MyFibo - My First Boomerang POS Display, 20 pcs

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myFibo is a fun and easy way for kids (and grown-ups!) to learn to throw a boomerang. You can also customize the boomerangs by painting them up any way you like!

myFibo is designed for children (six and up) and beginners who want a taste of this world famous way to train your skills

The instruction manual includes interesting background info on the physics and history of the boomerang as well as Aborigine art. Feel free to colour your boomerangs using Aborigine art as an inspiration!

How to Throw:

Hold the boomerang vertically by one of its points using your thumb and index finger. Make sure that so that the printed side faces in (or out if you’re left-handed). Give it a quick throw and get it spinning using both your arm and your wrist.

Be sure to keep your wrist relaxed and lightly tip the boomerang to your right (or to your left if you’re left-handed). The boomerang flies in a curve all on its own. A few tries and you’ll have it spinning in no time!

Tip: since it’s so light, it doesn’t take much force to get the kangaroo-boomerang flying!

How to Catch:

Catch the boomerang between your outstretched palms, or, with a little practice, catch it using just your fingertips. For an extra challenge, try to catch it behind your back like an acrobat!

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